Open Government

Compliance, Access and Protection of Information

We counsel clients on “open government” laws, such as the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and our attorneys have extensive experience and working knowledge of the Texas Public Information Act (TPIA). We can advise governmental entities in their compliance under these laws and assist them in responding to public information requests. We also assist private individuals and businesses both in obtaining public information from governmental agencies and in protecting their proprietary and confidential information that may be in the possession of governmental agencies.

Our Open Government Practice Includes:

  • Counseling governmental bodies in their compliance with “open government” laws, including the Texas Public Information Act, and assisting in their responses to public information requests;
  • Assisting private individuals and businesses in protecting their confidential and proprietary information that is in the possession of a governmental body (which can occur, for example, when a private company submits sensitive commercial information to a governmental entity when bidding for government contracts); and
  • Assisting private individuals and businesses in obtaining publicly available information from governmental bodies.

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